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Other Words for Wipe Out

Wipe Out Adjective Synonyms
kill (off), annihilate, massacre, destroy, finish (off), dispose of, eradicate, obliterate, exterminate, do away with, stamp out, get rid of, remove, wipe off the face of the earth
Scientists have succeeded in wiping out smallpox.

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Parental Lockout

Technology / Television (TV) / Parental Lockout: Parental Lockout allows users to set a password to control access to programming based on channel, rating or content. MORE

Pad Out, Pack Out

Business / Construction / Pad Out, Pack Out: To shim out or add strips of wood to a wall or ceiling in order that the finished ceiling/wall will appear correct. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Outwelling: The outflow of nutrients from an estuary or salt-marsh system to shelf waters MORE

Pass Out

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Pass Out: When an attacking player, who is behind his opponentís goal, has the puck and he passes it to a teammate who is in front of the opponentís goal. MORE

Pass Routes

Entertainment / Football / Pass Routes: Pre-determined paths receivers follow to help the passer quickly locate them so he can more easily get them the ball. MORE

Penalty Shootout

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Shootout: A method of deciding a winner, in amateur hockey, if the score is still tied after one overtime period. Each team designates five shooters and a goalie, and the teams alternate penalty shots, with a d MORE