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Other Words for Wide

Wide Adjective Synonyms
spacious, roomy, ample, extensive, broad
The road is wide enough for two cars to pass. If the book is set in wider type, it will have more pages.

all the way, as much as possible, fully, completely, to the utmost
The dentist said, 'Open wide'. When I heard the drill, I was suddenly wide awake.

broad, extensive, comprehensive, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic, inclusive, far-reaching, wide-ranging, widespread
He has wide interests, from music to archaeology to sport.

astray, afield, wide of the mark, off the mark, off (the) target, to one side
He took careless aim and the shot went wide.

extreme, considerable, substantial, sizeable, major, big, large, widespread
There have been wide fluctuations in market prices.

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Wide Area AF

Entertainment / Photography / Wide Area AF: Means the autofocus detection area is wider than normal. Making it easier to photograph moving subjects. MORE

Wide Area Information Server (WAIS)

Business / Internet Marketing / Wide Area Information Server (WAIS): WAIS, pronounced 'ways,' search for data through online gopher databases. Unless you are looking for scientific or technical information, look somewhere else. MORE

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Technology / Computers / Wide Area Network (WAN): A network in which computers are connected to each other over a long distance, using telephone lines and satellite communications. See local area network (LAN). MORE

Wide Angle Lens

Technology / Television (TV) / Wide Angle Lens: A focal length which generally provides a wide view of a scene and increases the illusion of depth, so that some objects seem to be far apart from one another. MORE

Third-Year Wide Receiver

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Third-Year Wide Receiver: Much like Harold Carmichael, Santana Moss and Steve Smith (to name a few), some receivers fail to make an impact until their third NFL season. Third-year receivers are great candidates to be 'sleepers MORE

16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / 16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode: Many digital cameras offer this mode to let you take photos that have the same shape as a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen TV. This size is ideal if you plan on showing your pictures on your high-def set, MORE