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Other Words for Welfare

Welfare Adjective Synonyms
benefit, good, advantage, well-being, prosperity, (good) fortune, profit, interest, (good) health, happiness, felicity
It is up to the parents to look after their children's welfare.

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Advantage / Good / Profit

Welfare-To-Work Tax Credit

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Welfare-To-Work Tax Credit: The Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit is a federal income tax credit that encourages employers to hire long-term family assistance recipients, who begin to work any time after December 31, 1997, and before J MORE

Animal Welfare Act

Business / Agriculture / Animal Welfare Act: P.L. 89-544 (August 24, 1966) was enacted to curb the theft and mistreatment of dogs and cats for experimental and research purposes. The principal federal animal protection law, it has been amended s MORE

Welfare Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Welfare Plan: A plan designed to provide employees with coverage for medical or hospital care and surgical procedures. May also include other benefits, such as vacation or scholarship programs. MORE

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Life Style / Adoption / Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA): Federal Act designed to protect the interest of Native American children and tribes. MORE

Adoption Assistance

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Assistance: Monthly or one-time only subsidy payments to help adoptive parents raise children with special needs. These payments were initially made possible by the enactment of the Adoption Assistance and Child MORE