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Other Words for Weakness

Weakness Verb Synonyms
incapacity, irresolution, irresoluteness, impotence, powerlessness, puniness
He is ashamed of his weakness in being unable to stop smoking.

weak point, foible, failing, fault, shortcoming, flaw, Achilles' heel, defect, imperfection, liability
Her one great weakness is her inability to deny her children anything.

feebleness, frailty, fragility, delicacy, delicateness, vulnerability, infirmity, decrepitude
They discovered a weakness in the structure of the bridge, so it had to be closed.

soft spot, fondness, affection, liking, preference, bent, leaning, inclination, fancy, penchant, predilection, proneness, proclivity, predisposition, partiality, appreciation, appetite, sweet tooth, taste, eye
The two of them share a weakness for good food and wine.

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