Other Words for Wad

Wad Adjective Synonyms: pad, mass, lump, clod, ball, plug, chunk, hunk, block, pack

Other Words for Waddle

Waddle Noun Synonyms: toddle, shuffle, wobble or wabble, totter, paddle, pad, waggle, duck-walk, wamble

Other Words for Wade

Wade Noun Synonyms: ford, cross, traverse, walk, make one's way
Wade Adjective Synonyms: paddle, play, splash

Other Words for Wade In

Wade In Noun Synonyms: enter, get in (or into), join (in)

Other Words for Wade Through

Wade Through Noun Synonyms: plough through, work (one's) way through, hammer or pound away at, plod through, peg away at

Other Words for Waffle

Waffle Verb Synonyms: equivocate, hedge, quibble, shuffle, tergiversate, hem and haw, prevaricate, beat about the bush, beat around the bush, fudge

Other Words for Waffle On

Waffle On Verb Synonyms: carry on, jabber (on), prattle (on), prate, blather (on or away), run on, witter (on), natter (on), rabbit on, run off at the mouth

Other Words for Waft

Waft Verb Synonyms: drift, float, blow, whiff, be borne or carried or transported

Other Words for Wag

Wag Noun Synonyms: comedian, wit, punster, pundit, joker, jester, comic, jokester, droll, merry andrew, clown, card
Wag Verb Synonyms: wave, waggle, oscillate, fluctuate, sway, undulate, flutter, flap, flip, flicker, shake, vibrate, quiver, nod, rock, dance, wobble, bob, bobble, waver, vellicate

Other Words for Wage

Wage Noun Synonyms: carry on, pursue, conduct, engage in, undertake, practise, prosecute, proceed with

Other Words for Wages

Wages Verb Synonyms: pay, compensation, emolument, remuneration, payment, fee, salary, stipend, recompense, reward, earnings, honorarium

Other Words for Wait

Wait Noun Synonyms: be delayed or postponed or deferred or shelved or put off, be tabled, be put on ice or on the back burner
Wait Verb Synonyms: tarry, linger, hold on, stay, bide (one's) time, mark time, stand by, cool (one's) heels, stick around, sit tight, hang on, hang about, hang around

Other Words for Wait On

Wait On Noun Synonyms: serve, attend (to), minister (to)

Other Words for Waiter

Waiter Verb Synonyms: waitress, head waiter, ma$tre d'h�tel, host, hostess, sommelier (des vins), wine steward, stewardess, cup-bearer, Ganymede, Hebe

Other Words for Waive

Waive Verb Synonyms: give up, relinquish, renounce, resign, forsake, forgo, cede, sign away, surrender, abandon, yield, dispense with

Other Words for Waiver

Waiver Verb Synonyms: renunciation, relinquishment, forgoing, ceding, cession, resignation, surrender, abandonment, setting or putting aside, deferral, remission, postponement

Other Words for Wake

Wake Noun Synonyms: awake, waken, awaken, animate, stimulate, enliven, galvanize, fire, quicken, inspirit, inspire, activate, liven up, vivify, kindle, vitalize, stir, arouse, get (someone) going, bring to life
Wake Verb Synonyms: vigil, watch, death-watch, funeral

Other Words for Wake Up

Wake Up Noun Synonyms: awaken, awake, rouse, waken, bring around, stir, bestir (oneself), get up, come to, get going

Other Words for Wakeful

Wakeful Verb Synonyms: awake, sleepless, waking, unsleeping, restless, restive, insomniac

Other Words for Walk

Walk Verb Synonyms: gait, step, carriage, bearing, stride
Walk Adjective Synonyms: path, lane, pathway, pavement, footpath, promenade, esplanade, boardwalk, footway, sidewalk
Walk Noun Synonyms: advance, proceed, move, go, wend, go or make (one's) way by foot, tread, step, perambulate, stalk, stride, tramp, stroll, amble, ramble, ambulate, shamble, pad, shuffle, saunter, trudge, trek, plod, slog, hike, parade, promenade, strut, swagger, prance, m

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