Other Words for Vacancy

Vacancy Adjective Synonyms: emptiness, void, gap, lacuna, hiatus, blank, deficiency, opening, breach, vacuum
Vacancy Noun Synonyms: blankness, emptiness, vacuity, absent-mindedness, inanity, vacuousness, incomprehension, fatuity, unawareness
Vacancy Adverb Synonyms: (job) opening, slot, position, post, situation

Other Words for Vacant

Vacant Adverb Synonyms: empty, void, hollow, unoccupied, untenanted, uninhabited, abandoned, deserted
Vacant Noun Synonyms: blank, expressionless, deadpan, empty, vacuous, dull, absent-minded, inane, uncomprehending, fatuous, unaware

Other Words for Vacate

Vacate Noun Synonyms: leave, depart, withdraw from, quit, evacuate, get or go out of, desert, abandon
Vacate Adjective Synonyms: give up, relinquish, sacrifice, renounce, let go, resign, abdicate, cede, give up right or claim to, abandon

Other Words for Vade-Mecum

Vade-Mecum Adjective Synonyms: handbook, manual, ready reference, book, guide

Other Words for Vagabond

Vagabond Verb Synonyms: gypsy, tramp, vagrant, wayfarer, rover, wanderer, itinerant, migrant, bird of passage, rolling stone, beachcomber, derelict, hobo, swagman, bum, bindle-stiff

Other Words for Vague

Vague Noun Synonyms: undetermined, indeterminate, unfixed, indefinite, inexact, unspecified or non-specified, unspecific or non-specific, ambiguous, doubtful, in doubt, uncertain, equivocal, ambiguous
Vague Verb Synonyms: indefinite, indistinct, imprecise, inexact, unclear, confused, unspecified or non-specified, general, generalized, unspecific or non-specific, inexplicit or unexplicit, ill-defined, hazy, fuzzy, ambiguous, obscure, amorphous, shapeless, blurred, blurry, f
Vague Adjective Synonyms: subliminal, subconscious, indefinable, unexplained

Other Words for Vaguely

Vaguely Adjective Synonyms: distantly, remotely, indefinitely, dimly, subliminally, subconsciously, inexplicably

Other Words for Vain

Vain Adverb Synonyms: worthless, profitless, bootless, pointless, unsuccessful, empty, futile,eless, unavailing, unproductive, fruitless, ineffective, abortive
Vain Adjective Synonyms: proud, conceited, haughty, arrogant, boastful, egotistical, cocky, self-important, vainglorious, narcissistic, big-headed, swell-headed, stuck-up, swollen-headed

Other Words for Valley

Valley Adverb Synonyms: glen, dale, dell, vale, dingle, hollow, coomb or coombe or combe or comb, Welsh cirque or corrie or cwm, strath

Other Words for Vanity

Vanity Adjective Synonyms: conceit, conceitedness, egotism, narcissism, arrogance, cockiness, self-importance, vainglory, haughtiness, pride, self-admiration, self-worship, swell-headedness, big-headedness

Other Words for Vapid

Vapid Adjective Synonyms: insipid, flavourless, tasteless, bland, watery, watered down, wishy-washy, jejune, colourless, unpalatable, flat, tame, lifeless, boring, tedious, tiresome, uninteresting, trite, wearisome, wearying, humdrum, blah, ho-hum

Other Words for Vapor

Vapor Noun Synonyms: mist, fog, steam, cloud, smoke, smog, exhalation

Other Words for Vapors

Vapors Noun Synonyms: morbidity, hypochondria, hysteria, nervousness, depression, rheuminess, distemper, the pip

Other Words for Variable

Variable Noun Synonyms: changeable, protean, changing, inconstant, varying, wavering, mercurial, fickle, capricious, unsteady, unfixed, unstable, uncertain, undependable, unpredictable, fluctuating, vacillating, mutable, chameleonic, chameleon-like

Other Words for Variance

Variance Adjective Synonyms: variation, difference, disparity, discrepancy, disagreement, deviation, inconsistency, divergence, incongruity
Variance Noun Synonyms: disagreement, misunderstanding, discord, difference (of opinion), dissension, contention, dispute, dissent, controversy, quarrel, conflict, argument, debate, lack of harmony, falling out, schism, rift

Other Words for Variant

Variant Adjective Synonyms: alternative, modification, variation
Variant Noun Synonyms: varying, variable, changing, altering, unstable, deviant, deviating, different, differing, separate, distinct

Other Words for Variation

Variation Noun Synonyms: change, changing, alteration, altering, variety, varying, modification, modifying, difference, differing, diversification, diversity, diversifying, modulation, modulating, conversion, converting, permutation, permuting

Other Words for Varied

Varied Noun Synonyms: diverse, diversified, mixed, miscellaneous, assorted, heterogeneous

Other Words for Variegated

Variegated Adjective Synonyms: multicolour(ed), particolour(ed), varicoloured, many-coloured, motley, pied, piebald, brindled, mottled, polychrome, polychromatic, nacreous, changeant, opalescent, opaline

Other Words for Variety

Variety Adjective Synonyms: sort, brand, make, mark, kind, class, category, breed, type, order, genre, species, genus, classification, strain
Variety Noun Synonyms: diversity, diversification, multifariousness, multiplicity, number, range, assortment, medley, mixture, mix, miscellany, heterogeneity, choice, selection, collection

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