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Other Words for Trash

Trash Noun Plural Synonyms
destroy, ruin, wreck, vandalize, deface
The lodgers trashed the flat before doing a moonlight flit.

Trash Verb Synonyms
rubbish, (stuff and) nonsense, balderdash, moonshine, gibberish, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, tommy-rot, bunkum, garbage, twaddle, rot, flapdoodle, crap, codswallop, bosh, piffle, hooey, bunk, malarkey, poppycock, boloney or baloney, eyewash, hogw
Don't believe him - he is talking trash.

(and) junk, brummagem, knick-knacks, gewgaws, trifles, bric--brac, frippery or fripperies, bits and pieces, odds and ends, trinkets, tinsel, 'Not Wanted on Voyage'
There was mostly trash in the flea market, but there were one or two more valuable items.

(In and Canada) rubbish, litter, garbage, waste, refuse, junk, debris, rubble, dregs, dross, scoria, slag, offscourings, dirt, sweepings, crap
The service comes to remove the trash once a week.

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