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Other Words for Tough

Tough Adjective Synonyms
hard, firm, durable, long-lasting, wear-resistant, substantial, strong, stout, rugged, sturdy, sound, well-built
Only one kind of material is tough enough to endure such conditions for so long.

stubborn, hardened, inured, obstinate, obdurate, hard, harsh, severe, stern, inflexible, refractory, intractable, adamant, unyielding, ungiving, rigid, unbending, unsentimental, unfeeling, unsympathetic, callous, hard-boiled, uncaring, cold, cool, icy, st
He's a tough man to work for, but he's fair.

baffling, thorny, puzzling, perplexing, mystifying, knotty, irksome, difficult
The examiners asked us some very tough questions.

Too bad!, Tough luck!, Hard luck!, Hard cheese!, Tough titty!, Tough!
When I told him that my money had been stolen, he said 'Tough!'.

bruiser, hooligan, bully (boy), rowdy, thug, ruffian, roughneck, bruiser, tough guy, gorilla
A couple of toughs who had been threatening the cashier disappeared when they saw our uniforms.

strong, stalwart, brawny, burly, muscular, powerful, virile, manly, sturdy, doughty, intrepid, stout, rough, vigorous, strapping, athletic
Two tough-looking characters moved towards us, so we left.

difficult, demanding, exacting, hard, troublesome, laborious, taxing, strenuous
We deal with tough complaints every day. It's a tough job.

Tough Noun Synonyms
stiff, hard, leathery, inflexible, chewy, fibrous, cartilaginous, sinewy, ropy, wiry, stringy
That steak was as tough as shoe-leather.

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