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Other Words for Theft

Theft Noun Synonyms
robbery, stealing, pilferage, pilfering, filching, shoplifting, thievery, purloining, embezzlement, hijacking, larceny, lifting, appropriation, pocketing, pinching, swiping, snitching, nicking, boosting, heist, knocking off, r
The theft of the jewellery was reported to the police immediately.

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Identity Theft

Business / Accounting / Identity Theft: Crime committed when someone gains access to and uses another person's credit card numbers, social security number, birth date, checking and savings account numbers, drivers' license, automobile recor MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Avatar: A digital representation of a user in a virtual reality site. MORE

Detachable Face

Technology / Home Audio / Detachable Face: Occasionally referred to as 'Removable Panel' or 'Theft Deterrent Faceplate', or some variation. This is a physical method for foiling receiver thieves. The idea is that you take just the front panel MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Pagejacking: Theft of a page from the original site and publication of a copy (or near-copy) at another site. MORE