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Tell Noun Synonyms
relate, narrate, recount, recite
Tell me a story.

recount, describe, delineate, outline, portray, depict, express, put, word, explain
I am not sure how to tell you this.

Tell Verb Synonyms
say, mention, hint at, refer to, touch on, utter, state, declare, proclaim, announce, publish, broadcast, communicate, make known, report, impart, indicate, release, break, let (something) be known, advertise, trumpet, herald, bring to
She told of her fears. He refuses to tell where the money is hidden. She talked a lot but told very little.

tumulus, mound, barrow, hillock
Excavation of the tell exposed ancient skeletons.

apprise, advise, inform, let (someone) know, notify, acquaint (someone) with (something)
He has told me everything. Tell them that I shall be late. He told them nothing of his illness.

carry weight, be influential, be effective, have (an) effect
What we accomplished here today is bound to tell in our favour.

ascertain, determine, perceive, understand, make out, discern, identify, recognize, distinguish, discriminate, differentiate
I cannot tell if that is George or not. I can't tell George from John in this photograph.

determine, say, confirm, aver, assert, asseverate, swear, take an oath, be sure or certain or positive, know (for sure or for certain)
It just shows you never can tell.

order, command, require, demand (that), charge, direct, dictate (that), instruct, bid
Tell them I want no visitors today. She told him to go.

predict, prophesy, forecast, foretell, foresee, forecast, determine, ascertain, know
Who can tell what tomorrow will bring.

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