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Other Words for Telephone

Telephone Noun Synonyms
phone, ring (up), call (up), give (someone) a ring or a call, get (someone) on the blower or the horn, give (someone) a tinkle or a buzz, buzz
Telephone when you have a chance.

Telephone Verb Synonyms
handset, phone, blower, horn
Mr. Fraser, the Managing Director is on the telephone for you.

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Independent Telephone Network (ITN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Independent Telephone Network (ITN): Companies not affiliated with the local telephone companies. MORE

Telephone Switching

Business / Finance / Telephone Switching: Israel's only stock exchange. MORE

Telephone Transmission Tower

Technology / Cell Phones / Telephone Transmission Tower: A telephone base station located on top of a tall, free-standing structure. MORE

Wireless Telephone Base Station

Technology / Cell Phones / Wireless Telephone Base Station: The combination of antennas and electronic equipment used to receive and transmit wireless telephone signals. Sometimes called a base station. MORE

Telephone Network

Technology / Cell Phones / Telephone Network: The system of wires, fiber-optic cables, satellites, and transmission towers that transmit telephone messages from caller to receiver. MORE

Telephone Poles

Entertainment / Bowling / Telephone Poles: Logs; very heavy pins. MORE