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Other Words for Taste

Taste Noun Synonyms
experience, sample, know, have knowledge of, undergo, encounter, meet (with), come up against
As a young man he had tasted the pleasures of Paris.

style, mode, fashion, manner, form, design, motif
The room was decorated in Moorish taste.

discernment, discrimination, perception, judgment, cultivation, refinement, stylishness, grace, polish, elegance
Her unerring taste leads her to select only the best.

palate, desire, inclination, leaning, partiality, disposition, penchant, liking, fancy, preference, fondness, appetite, relish, stomach, tolerance
She developed a taste for caviar and champagne while working in television.

decorum, discretion, tactfulness, delicacy, refinement, politesse, politeness, correctness, propriety, tastefulness
Evan's taste would never allow him to say anything rude.

sample, morsel, bite, mouthful, bite, sip, nip, swallow
I had a taste of the sauce and it's superb.

savor, sample, examine, try, test
Taste this and see if it's too salty.

drop, dash, pinch, touch, hint, suggestion, grain, trace, bit, flavor, savor, relish, tang
I added just the tiniest taste of coriander to the sauce.

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Judgment / Form / Examine / Grace / Know / Try / Drop / Nip / Sample / Motif / Style

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