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Other Words for Take

Take Adjective Synonyms
grip, seize, grasp, clasp, get, get or take hold of, grab, snatch, clutch, catch, capture, obtain, lay hold of, lay (one's) hands on, procure, acquire, gain (possession of), take possession of, secure, win, carry off, abduct, nab
The police took him into custody. He takes what he can get. When it comes to ineptitude, Sue certainly takes the prize.

pick, select, choose, opt for, settle or decide or fasten on or upon
When you get to the fork, take the road to the left.

Take Noun Synonyms
appropriate, arrogate, extract, carry off or away, steal, purloin, pilfer, filch, palm, rob, shoplift, pocket, remove, walk off or away with, run or make off or away with, embezzle, misappropriate, peculate, plagiarize, pirate, lift, swipe, snitch,
They took what didn't belong to them.

Take Verb Synonyms
subtract, deduct, remove, take away, take from, take off
Take three from five. Five, take away two, leaves three. It's cheaper when you've taken off the discount.

bilk, cheat, swindle, defraud, con, fiddle
When he examined his wallet he realized he'd been taken.

carry, convey, bear, transport, bring, deliver, ferry, haul, cart
Will this train take me to Aylesbury? They took the bicycle to Old Lyme in a van.

prove or be effective or efficacious or operative or functional, take effect, take hold, operate, function, work, perform, do the trick
If the transplant fails to take, the doctors will have to operate again.

revenue, takings, yield, return, receipts, proceeds, gain, profit(s), gate, box office
How much was the take from the first day.

express, voice, raise, put forth
I hope you will not take objection or exception to what I am about to tell you.

require, demand, need, necessitate, call for
Remember, it takes two to tango. It took him two years to complete the fresco. It takes six to sail his yawl.

convey, lead, conduct, escort, convoy, guide, accompany
This road takes you directly to the yacht club. He asked to be taken to the manager's office.

acquire, get, adopt, assume, derive, obtain, draw, receive, inherit
He has taken his bad manners from you. The film takes its title from the book.

charm, captivate, capture, attract, lure, allure
There was something about him that took her fancy.

exact, extract, get
She took revenge by denying him certain privileges.

assume, bear, undertake, adopt, arrogate, acknowledge, accept
Kevin took full responsibility for the mistake.

use, employ, make use of, establish, put in(to) place, adopt, put into effect, effect, apply, resort to, have recourse to, turn to
The police have taken measures to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

clear, get or go over or past or round or through
Browning's Delight took the last jump easily. He must have taken that corner at 90.

hold, contain, accommodate, accept, fit in
This storage bin cannot take anything else, it's completely full.

reserve, book, engage, hire, rent, lease
He took a room in a small hotel, where he began to write detective fiction.

end, terminate, annihilate, wipe out, kill
The assault on Leningrad took tens of thousands of lives. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

cause or make or induce or drive or persuade (someone) to go or be
What takes you to M laga in August? .

understand, gather, interpret, perceive, apprehend, deduce, conclude, infer, judge, deem, assume, suppose, imagine, see
I take it from your expression that you've had bad news.

swallow, eat, consume, ingest, devour, gulp down, gobble up or down, wolf, bolt, drink, imbibe, quaff, inhale
Rudolf takes pills of every conceivable color. The doctor said I could take a wee nip now and then. Sonya stepped out to take a breath of fresh air.

take up, study, be involved or occupied in or with, apply oneself to, learn, read, tackle
I cannot believe that Doreen is taking home economics. He took a course in car maintenance.

accept, receive, bear, withstand, stand, endure, weather, tolerate, abide, brave, go through, undergo, suffer, submit to, swallow, put up with, brook, stomach, stick
She took the news about Leon's relapse quite well. I have taken quite enough from you already.

believe, think, judge, deem, hold, feel, take for, assess (as), consider (as), regard (as), view (as), accept (for)
I take people to be honest till proven otherwise. She took him for a fool when they first met.

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Raise / Bolt / Gate / Grip / Hold / Rent / Tackle / Lead / Reserve / Gain / End / Guide / Bring / Lease / Kill / Lure / Learn / Get / Select / Work / Gather / Feel / Effect / Stick / Demand / Stand / Extract / Need / Catch / Clear / See / Cart / Suppose / Judge / Voice / Draw / Use / Think / Transport / Seize

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