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Other Words for Supervisor

Supervisor Adjective Synonyms
overseer, foreman, manager, controller, superintendent, superior, governor, director, boss, chief, head, administrator
As supervisor, you are responsible for the work done in your department.

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More Words for Supervisor

Head / Chief / Manager

Supervisory-Management Development

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Supervisory-Management Development: Training provided to employees with the potential for promotion into supervisory or managerial-level positions within the organization or as a remedy for performance-related issues. MORE

Supervisory Analyst

Business / Finance / Supervisory Analyst: Often used in risk arbitrage. Corporate amendment requiring that a substantial majority (usually 67% to 90%) of stockholders approve important transactions, such as mergers. MORE

Claims Supervisors

Health / Health Insurance / Claims Supervisors: Employees in the claims administration department who oversee the work of several claims examiners. MORE