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Other Words for Style

Style Adjective Synonyms
chic, stylishness, taste, smartness, flair, dash, panache, cachet, tastefulness, fashionableness, elegance, refinement, polish, sophistication, sophisticatedness, cosmopolitanism, pizazz, ritziness
Irena has more style in her little finger than you have in your whole body.

luxury, high style, comfort, opulence, splendour, elegance
Now that he's won all that money, they live in style on the Costa Smeralda.

Style Noun Synonyms
fashion, design, arrange, set, do, cut, tailor, shape, form
Antoine styled my hair in a page-boy for the reception.

characterize, designate, denominate, call, name, term, label, tag, brand
The use of the indicative for the subjunctive is no longer styled a solecism inish English.

type, kind, variety, category, genre, sort, manner, mode, make, design, fashion, look, period, pattern, configuration, line, cut, shape, form
That style of jacket looks really good on you. They are planning to build the house in the pointed Gothic style.

quality, character, mode of expression, approach, treatment, vein, colouring, spirit, mood, form, technique, tenor, tone, wording, phraseology, phrasing, language, vocabulary, word choice, diction, sentence structure
The pointillist style of painting appeals to many. His style of writing is reminiscent of Stevenson's.

fashion, trend, vogue, mode, look, rage, craze, fad, (latest) thing
The current style is for shorter skirts.

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