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Other Words for Student

Student Noun Synonyms
devotee, follower, admirer, observer, evaluator, commentator, critic
Nicole is a perceptive student of human nature.

Student Verb Synonyms
pupil, learner, scholar, undergraduate, schoolboy, schoolgirl, schoolchild, trainee, apprentice, disciple, swot or swotter or swat, grind
Only students of advanced standing are admitted to this class.

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Student Loan

Life Style / College / Student Loan: Money that student's borrow from a bank, lending institution on behalf of the government. The government pays the interest that accrues on your loan while you are in school. Students must repay the lo MORE

Student Health Insurance

Health / Health Insurance / Student Health Insurance: In recent years, many colleges have begun requiring proof of health insurance for students. Coverage options include insurance through family policies and coverage through school-sponsored student hea MORE

Student Aid Report (SAR)

Life Style / College / Student Aid Report (SAR): A Student Aid Report (SAR) is a document received after the FAFSA is processed. The SAR will list all of the answers provided on the FAFSA. The SAR will contain an individual's Expected Family Contrib MORE

Student Aid

Life Style / College / Student Aid: Student financial assistance. MORE

Transient Visiting Student

Life Style / College / Transient Visiting Student: Any student who is enrolled at a college other than Greenville Tech who would like to take classes at Greenville Tech and transfer the credit back to the college they attended during the school year i MORE

Student Pilot

Technology / Aviation / Student Pilot: A pilot who is training for a sport pilot or private pilot certificate, either before or after the first solo. A sport pilot student pilot must obtain a student pilot certificate through the FAA or a MORE