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Other Words for Strength

Strength Adjective Synonyms
talent, ability, aptitude, gift, strong point, asset
One of his strengths is being able to sight-read music.

power, might, force, mightiness, robustness, toughness, stoutness, sturdiness, brawn, brawniness, muscle, sinew
Do you have the strength to lift that by yourself? .

Strength Noun Synonyms
persuasiveness, cogency, weight, force, convincingness, incisiveness, soundness
There is no disputing the strength of the argument against smoking.

vigor, force, energy, power, potency, intensity
The strength of the wind was great enough to pick up cars and toss them about.

concentration, concentratedness, intensity, potency
Coffee of that strength would keep me awake all night.

durability, power, toughness, stability, reliability, resistance, solidity, stamina, ruggedness, endurance, soundness
The manufacturer claims that his product has the strength to resist wear for a hundred years.

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More Words for Strength

Might / Brawn / Force / Ability

Relative Strength

Business / Finance / Relative Strength: Movement of a stock price over the past year as compared to a market index (like the S&P 500). A value below 1.0 means the stock shows relative weakness in price movement (underperformed the market); MORE

Absolute Strength

Health / Fitness / Absolute Strength: The highest amount of weight a person can lift in one repetition. MORE

Rupture Strength

Science / Geology / Rupture Strength: The greatest stress that a material can sustain without fracturing at one atmosphere pressure. MORE

Strength Of Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Strength Of Current: Phase of tidal current in which the speed is a maximum; also the speed at this time. Beginning with slack before flood in the period of a reversing tidal current (or minimum before flood in a rotary c MORE

Tensile Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Tensile Strength: The resistance to breaking exhibited by a material when subjected to a pulling stress. Measured in lb/inĀ² or kPa. MORE

Yield Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Yield Strength: The stress at the uppermost point on the straight-line portion of the stressstrain curve. Stress imposed on the sample below this level produces no permanent lengthening and stress can vary from zero MORE