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Stream Noun Synonyms
issue, emanate, rush, surge, pour, flood, file, proceed, march, walk, move
People streamed in and out of the building all day long.

flow, current, outpouring, effluence or efflux, effusion, rush, spurt, surge, fountain, geyser, torrent, flood, deluge, cataract, cascade
A stream of bubbles showed where the diver was swimming. A stream of obscenities poured from his lips.

brook, brooklet, streamlet, rivulet, tributary, river, freshet, run, watercourse, waterway, channel, literary rill, runnel, N beck, burn, NE except in placenames kill, creek, branch
If the streams continue to swell, flooding can be expected in low-lying areas.

Stream Verb Synonyms
run, flow, course, glide, rush, slide, slip, surge, pour, issue, emanate, gush, flood, spout, well up or out or forth, squirt, spurt, shoot, jet, cascade
The rain streamed down the windows.

flow, rush, swarm, tide, flood, deluge, succession, series, row, line, string, chain, barrage, queue
Simon has had a constant stream of visitors all morning.

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Flow / Line / Walk / Run / Move / Shoot / File / Spout / Current / Slip / Surge / Fountain / Slide


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