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Other Words for Steal

Steal Adverb Synonyms
take (away), appropriate, filch, shoplift, pilfer, purloin, make or walk off or away with, get away with, embezzle, misappropriate, peculate, lift, pinch, hook, snitch, borrow, boost, liberate, heist, hijack, swipe, nick, prig, hoi
The thieves stole only the emeralds, leaving the diamonds. The bookkeeper stole the money by diverting it into his own account.

Steal Noun Synonyms
sneak, creep, slip, tiptoe, prowl, lurk, skulk, pussyfoot
Silently, we stole into the garden at the rear of the house.

plagiarize, pirate, copy, imitate, appropriate,urp, take
He claims that the story of the film was stolen from his short story.

Steal Verb Synonyms
bargain, (good) buy, give-away
At that price, the rug was a steal.

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