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Other Words for Soft

Soft Adjective Synonyms
depressed, declining, in decline, in recession, slow, unprofitable, borderline, questionable, weak
Owing to the stormy, cold summer, the resort business has been soft this year.

downy, silky, silken, satiny, furry, fluffy, feathery, fleecy, fuzzy, velvety, smooth (as a baby's bottom)
The wool from the lambs is much softer.

easygoing, tolerant, kind, compassionate, gentle, merciful, lenient, indulgent, permissive, liberal, lax, easy, docile, tame, submissive, deferential, benign, tender-hearted, sympathetic, kind-hearted, kind
Some believe that the jailers were too soft with the criminals. His parents were far too soft.

easy, luxurious, pampered, rich, opulent, plush, posh, ritzy, swank(y)
Since selling his business, Aubrey Quinton has been living the soft life on the Costa del Sol.

pastel, pale, delicate, fine, subdued, light, matte or matt, quiet, diffuse(d), soothing
He wanted the bedroom painted in soft shades of greenish blue.

harmless, non-addictive
Some consider cannabis a soft drug.

weak, feeble, frail, effete, delicate, non-physical, non-muscular, puny, flabby, out of training or condition or shape, pampered, namby-pamby, effeminate, unmanly, unmanful, sissified, sissy
He had been out of the marines for so long they thought he had gone soft.

fuzzy, woolly, blurred, blurry, foggy, diffuse(d)
The soft focus photos of the wedding looked very romantic.

Soft Noun Synonyms
gentle, mild, balmy, pleasant, moderate, warm, halcyon, springlike, summery, restful, tranquil, relaxing, lazy
Alexandra was looking forward to a week in the soft Caribbean climate.

easy, comfortable, undemanding, cushy
His uncle got him a soft job at the Labour Ministry.

yielding, cushiony, plushy, spongy, squeezable, compressible, squashy, squashable, flexible, plastic, pliable, pliant, supple, flexile, flexuous, unstarched
This mattress is much too soft for my back.

subdued, toned or turned down, muted, low, quiet, melodious, mellifluous or mellifluent, mellow, gentle, faint, softened, soothing, smooth
Riley thought she might succumb to the influences of the wine and the soft music and lights.

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