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Other Words for Smart

Smart Adjective Synonyms
intelligent, clever, bright, brilliant, quick-witted, sharp, acute, astute, capable, adept, apt, quick, ingenious
Emily is one of the smartest children in the class.

injury, harm, pain, pang, twinge, affliction, suffering, smarting
For years he silently endured the smart of his colleagues' ridicule.

sting, hurt, pinch, pain, ache, tingle, prickle, burn, throb, stab, pierce
The antiseptic may smart a bit when it is put on the cut. The smoky atmosphere made her eyes smart.

pert, pointed, saucy, witty, nimble-witted, poignant, trenchant, effective
I wish he would stop making smart remarks when I am trying to explain something.

quick, swift, stiff, smarting, stinging, sharp, severe
The mugger gave him a smart blow on the back of the neck.

canny, perspicacious, perceptive, percipient, discerning, knowledgeable, au fait, well-educated, well-read, erudite, learned, well-versed, aware, shrewd, streetwise, hip, tuned in, savvy
Brendan is smart enough to avoid trouble.

elegant, chic, fashionable, stylish, modish, well-groomed, trim, neat, dapper, spruce, soigné(e), snappy, natty
You must admit that both Della and Paul are smart dressers.

brisk, vigorous, animated, active, energetic, spirited, lively, quick, alert, jaunty, perky, breezy
The enemy launched a smart counter-attack at dawn. He set off down the road at a smart pace.

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Smart Antenna

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