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Other Words for Slow

Slow Adjective Synonyms
dense, dull, slow-witted, dull-witted, obtuse, backward, bovine, dim, dim-witted, stupid, unresponsive, blockish, cloddish, unintelligent, doltish, simple, stolid, unimaginative, Boeotian, slow on the uptake, thick, dumb
I'm afraid I'm a bit slow when it comes to particle physics.

late, tardy, behindhand, dilatory, delayed, unpunctual
You were so slow in getting here that everyone has gone.

boring, dull, tiresome, ennuyant, tedious, dead, sleepy, somnolent, torpid, soporific, wearisome, dry-as-dust, uninteresting, monotonous, tame, uneventful, humdrum, ho-hum, dead, dead-and-alive
This town becomes really slow in the autumn, till the tourists reappear in the spring.

behindhand, tardily, late, unpunctually
All the trains seem to be running a bit slow tonight.

reluctant, not quick, unwilling, hesitant, disinclined, averse, loath or loth, indisposed
Even when provoked, Cassie tends to be slow to anger.

slowly, unhurriedly, cautiously, carefully, circumspectly
He failed his test because he drove too slow.

slowly, easy, leisurely, easily
They told him to take things slower or he'd have another heart attack.

lagging, laggard, dawdling, sluggish, sluggard(ly), slow-moving, leaden, ponderous, unhurried, plodding, snail-like, tortoise-like, torpid, leaden-footed, creeping, crawling, deliberate, slow-paced, leisurely, gradual, easy, relaxed, lax, lackadaisical, l
They walked at a slow pace back to the house. Philip has become a little slower in his old age.

slack, inactive, quiet, sluggish, unproductive
Business is always a bit slow after the holidays.

conservative, unprogressive, old-fashioned, out of date, backward, old-fogyish or old-fogeyish, behind the times, square, not with it, past it, out of it
The council has been rather slow in realizing the needs of the community.

Slow Adverb Synonyms
relax, take it easy, ease up
The doctor suggested that at my age I ought to slow down a little.

Slow Noun Synonyms
unhurried, slow-moving, slow-paced
The slow funeral cortege crept through the streets.

behindhand, unpunctual
I missed the train because my watch is five minutes slow.

Slow Verb Synonyms
gradual, progressive, moderate, perceptible, almost imperceptible, measurable
The church elders have noted a slow decline in moral standards.

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