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Other Words for Sin

Sin Adjective Synonyms
transgress, offend, fall (from grace), lapse, go wrong, stray, go astray, err, Biblical or archaic trespass
Strictly speaking, we can sin only against God.

Sin Adverb Synonyms
wickedness, sinfulness, vice, corruption, ungodliness, badness, evil, wrongfulness, iniquity, iniquitousness, immorality, depravity, impiety, irreverence, impiousness, sacrilege
His brother Edmund was conceived in sin, sin ruled his entire life.

trespass, transgression, offence, wrong, impiety, misdeed, profanation, desecration, iniquity, evil, devilry, sacrilege, crime, infraction, misdeed, dereliction, infringement, violation, misdemeanour, fault, foible, peccadillo
How many sins have been committed in the name of righteousness! It's a sin to tell a lie. The seven deadly sins are anger, covetousness, envy, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth.

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