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Other Words for Show

Show Noun Synonyms
prove, demonstrate, confirm, corroborate, verify, substantiate, bear out, certify, authenticate
This signature shows that the will was signed personally by your father.

Show Verb Synonyms
escort, accompany, conduct,her, lead, guide, direct, steer
Please show Mr. Sorenson to his table.

display, present, expose, demonstrate, indicate, exhibit, manifest, (lay) bare, disclose, reveal, betray, make known, divulge, register, express, make clear or plain or manifest, elucidate, clarify, explain
Show your identification as you enter. Your persistent refusal to associate with Dominic shows how you feel very clearly. They showed me how the new machine works.

teach, instruct, tell, inform, let (someone) in on, give (someone) an idea of
Would you please show me how to use this washing-machine.

display, demonstration, exhibition, exposition, fair, presentation, expo
There will be a computer show at the convention centre next week.

exhibit, reveal, indicate, display, register
A thermometer shows the temperature, a barometer the atmospheric pressure.

make an appearance, appear, show up, arrive, come
Do you really think that the Jack Nicholson will show at the club tonight.

ostentation, display, appearance, pretentiousness, pretension, affectation
Those paintings are there just for show, not because they enjoy art.

production, presentation, drama, musical, entertainment
We flew to New York for a week to see a few Broadway shows.

present, play, put on, stage, screen, be (being) presented or played or playing or put on or staged or screened
They are showing The Maltese Falcon at the local cinema. What is showing there tomorrow.

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