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Other Words for Select

Select Adverb Synonyms
limited, restricted, restrictive, exclusive, privileged, elite, closed
He belongs to one of those select clubs that accept you only if your family can be traced back five hundred years.

Select Noun Synonyms
choose, pick, show (a) preference for, prefer, opt for, single out, hand-pick, distinguish
Select any two books from this pile. Anne was delighted to be selected from hundreds of candidates.

selected, chosen, hand-picked, choice, special, preferred, preferable, favoured, favourite, exceptional, excellent, first-rate, first-class, superior, supreme, prime, better, best, finest, tiptop
We have set aside some of our select jewels for you to consider, Your Ladyship.

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Best / Elite / Special

Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures Of 1978

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures Of 1978: The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures address the use of interviewing, testing, training and other employee selection tools and their impact on discrimination based on race, color, r MORE

Selective Focusing

Entertainment / Photography / Selective Focusing: Method of adjusting the lens aperture and shutter speed to give a depth of field that will limit image sharpness to a particular area of the image. MORE

Adverse Selection

Business / Finance / Adverse Selection: Refers to a situation in which sellers have relevant information that buyers lack (or vice versa) about some aspect of product quality. MORE

Selective Breeding

Science / Biology / Selective Breeding: The selection of individuals with desirable traits for use in breeding. Over many generations, the practice leads to the development of strains with the desired characteristics. MORE

Selection Process

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Selection Process: Any step, combination of steps or procedure used as a basis for any employment decision, including, but not limited to, informal or casual interviews, unscored application forms, paper and pencil test MORE

Selection Pressure

Science / Marine Biology / Selection Pressure: A measure of the effectiveness of natural selection in altering the genetic composition of a population. See also natural selection. MORE