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Other Words for Scrap

Scrap Noun Synonyms
waste, debris, rubbish, junk
Any computer more than five years old isn't even worth its weight as scrap.

fight, brawl, spar, scuffle, battle, row, wrangle, argue, disagree, squabble, bicker
Let's not scrap over trifles - only important things.

fight, brawl, fracas, fray, affray, rumpus, scuffle, Donnybrook, battle (royal), row, dispute, argument, quarrel, disagreement, wrangle, squabble, tiff, spat, ruckus, set-to, dust-up
A terrible scrap broke out in the pub last and the police were called in. Our neighbors were having a scrap about who should take the dog for a walk.

discard, throw away, reject, abandon, give up, consign to the scrap heap, forsake, forget, get rid of, dispose of, dispense with, junk, trash
If I were you, I would buy a new car and scrap this one.

Scrap Verb Synonyms
mite, bit, shred, bite, morsel, piece, fragment, shard or sherd, particle, sliver, snippet, snip, crumb, whit, iota, jot or tittle, snatch, drop, drip, grain, speck, molecule, atom, dab, trace, scintilla, hint, suggestion
There wasn't a scrap of evidence to link him with the crime.

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Salvage Value

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