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Other Words for Scent

Scent Adjective Synonyms
perceive, detect, find out, determine, discern, distinguish, recognize, sense, smell, sniff (out), get wind of, learn or hear about
Scenting possible trouble, he decided he had better take along my revolver.

Scent Noun Synonyms
fragrance, aroma, perfume, redolence, smell, odor, bouquet, whiff, trace
The room was filled with the scent of wild flowers.

She had left behind her handkerchief, scented with Chanel 19.

trail, spoor, track
In drag hunting, the scent is laid down by a sack dragged along the ground.

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Entertainment / Photography / Opalescent: Like opal, a material with a cloudy-white translucent appearance. MORE

Incandescent Lamp

Business / Construction / Incandescent Lamp: A lamp employing an electrically charged metal filament that glows at white heat. A typical light bulb. MORE

Quiescent Current

Technology / Home Audio / Quiescent Current: The term given to describe the amount of current consumed by a circuit when it is not performing any work (sometimes referred to as standby current). MORE

Scented Tea

Life Style / Tea / Scented Tea: Green semi fermented or black teas that have been flavored by adding flower petals, fruits spices and/or natural oils. Examples of these are Jasmine tea, Rose Puchong, Orange tea, Cinnamon tea or Earl MORE

Trismus Nascentium Or Neonatorum

Health / Disease / Trismus Nascentium Or Neonatorum: A form of tetanus seen only in infants, almost invariably in the first five days of life. MORE


Science / Biology / Bioluminescent: Refers to organisms that emit light under certain conditions. MORE