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Other Words for Sad

Sad Adjective Synonyms
unfortunate, unsatisfactory, awful, bad, shabby, dirty, lamentable, miserable, sorry, wretched, pathetic, pitiful, pitiable, deplorable, terrible, lousy, rotten
After two weeks under water, the sofa was in pretty sad shape.

Sad Noun Synonyms
unhappy, melancholy, downcast, dejected, depressed, low, sorrowful, gloomy, morose, glum, lugubrious, mournful, heartsick, crestfallen, chap-fallen, disheartened, downhearted, blue, despondent, broken-hearted, heartbroken, woebegone, miserable, wretched
Danny was so sad when his dog died that he wept for a week.

depressing, gloomy, disheartening, dreary, dismal, funereal, sombre, lugubrious, saddening, heartbreaking, bleak, distressing, dispiriting, calamitous
It was a sad day for all of us here when the England team lost the semifinal.

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