Other Words for Sabotage

Sabotage Noun Synonyms: destruction, damage, wrecking, impairment
Sabotage Adjective Synonyms: undermine, subvert, disrupt, spoil, ruin, cripple, damage, incapacitate, disable, destroy, wreck, throw a spanner in(to) the works, throw a monkey wrench into the machinery, queer (someone's pitch)

Other Words for Sack

Sack Noun Synonyms: pouch, bag, poke, sac

Other Words for Sacred

Sacred Verb Synonyms: religious, spiritual, ceremonial, church(ly), ecclesiastical, priestly, hieratic, ritual, solemn, sacramental, liturgical
Sacred Noun Synonyms: consecrated, dedicated, hallowed, holy, blessed, blest, sanctified, revered, divine, awe-inspiring, venerable, venerated, sainted, heaven-sent

Other Words for Sacrifice

Sacrifice Noun Synonyms: give up, forgo, forfeit, relinquish, surrender, let go, lose, yield, renounce, forswear, forbear, desist, cease, stop, refrain from
Sacrifice Adjective Synonyms: immolation, surrender, forfeiture, forgoing, giving up, yielding up, offering (up), offer, Christian religion oblation

Other Words for Sacrificial

Sacrificial Verb Synonyms: atoning, expiatory, propitiatory, conciliatory
Sacrificial Noun Synonyms: sacrificed, immolated, surrendered, given up, yielded

Other Words for Sacrilege

Sacrilege Adjective Synonyms: impiety, heresy, profanation, outrage, violation, profanity, blasphemy, impiousness, irreverence, disrespect, secularization
Sacrilege Verb Synonyms: desecration, profanation, debasement, violation, prostitution, dishonouring, vitiation, defilement, befouling, fouling, contamination, befoulment, misuse, abuse, perversion, maltreatment

Other Words for Sacrilegious

Sacrilegious Adjective Synonyms: profane, impious, heretical, blasphemous, irreverent, disrespectful

Other Words for Sad

Sad Adjective Synonyms: unfortunate, unsatisfactory, awful, bad, shabby, dirty, lamentable, miserable, sorry, wretched, pathetic, pitiful, pitiable, deplorable, terrible, lousy, rotten
Sad Noun Synonyms: unhappy, melancholy, downcast, dejected, depressed, low, sorrowful, gloomy, morose, glum, lugubrious, mournful, heartsick, crestfallen, chap-fallen, disheartened, downhearted, blue, despondent, broken-hearted, heartbroken, woebegone, miserable, wretched

Other Words for Sadden

Sadden Adjective Synonyms: depress, deject, sorrow, dishearten, distress, dispirit, discourage, grieve, aggrieve

Other Words for Sadistic

Sadistic Adjective Synonyms: cruel, monstrous, brutal, brutish, beastly, ruthless, perverse, algolagnic

Other Words for Sadly

Sadly Adjective Synonyms: unfortunately, alas, unhappily, unluckily, lamentably, regrettably, deplorably, sad to relate
Sadly Verb Synonyms: unhappily, gloomily, morosely, mournfully, despondently, miserably, wretchedly, dejectedly, dismally, sombrely, lugubriously

Other Words for Sadness

Sadness Adjective Synonyms: unhappiness, dolour, misery, sorrow, dispiritedness, grief, depression, dejection, dejectedness, sorrowfulness, despondency, melancholy, gloom, gloominess

Other Words for Safe

Safe Adverb Synonyms: unharmed, whole, uninjured, unhurt, (safe and) sound, secure, protected, shielded, sheltered, out of harm's way, all right, OK, okay
Safe Adjective Synonyms: safely, securely
Safe Noun Synonyms: all right, allowable, permissible, acceptable, satisfactory, appropriate, suitable, timely, right, correct, proper, justifiable, justified, OK, okay

Other Words for Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping Noun Synonyms: charge, protection, keeping, custody, care, guardianship

Other Words for Safeguard

Safeguard Adverb Synonyms: protect, defend, shield, shelter, keep safe, guard, conserve, save, keep, care for, look after
Safeguard Adjective Synonyms: protection, defense, security

Other Words for Safety

Safety Noun Synonyms: safeness, protection, aegis, cover, shelter, security, refuge, sanctuary, safe keeping

Other Words for Sag

Sag Noun Synonyms: drop, decrease, decline, go or come down, fall, slide, slip, weaken, slump, descend, diminish, lessen, droop, subside, flag, falter, wilt
Sag Verb Synonyms: droop, sink, slump, bend, dip, swag, bag

Other Words for Saga

Saga Verb Synonyms: (heroic) legend, narrative, epic, Edda, chronicle, romance, roman-fleuve, story, tale, adventure

Other Words for Sage

Sage Noun Synonyms: wise man, savant, expert, elder, doyen or doyenne, guru, Nestor, pundit, Solomon, philosopher, oracle, authority
Sage Verb Synonyms: wise, sagacious, prudent, sensible, perspicacious, profound, intelligent, discerning, reasonable, logical, judicious, common-sense, commonsensical

Other Words for Sail

Sail Adjective Synonyms: go sailing or boating or yachting, cruise, set sail, put (out) to sea
Sail Noun Synonyms: navigate, pilot, steer

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