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Other Words for Running

Running Noun Synonyms
continuous, on-going, continual, perpetual, sustained, constant, uninterrupted, ceaseless, unceasing
Where do they get the energy to keep up a running argument on the same silly subject.

operation, management, direction
Who attends to the everyday running of the business while you are away? .

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Running Back by Committee (RBBC)

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Running Back by Committee (RBBC): (Running Back by Committee) A dirty 'four' letter word in the world of fantasy football, an RBBC describes a situation where an NFL team utilizes more than one running back in a prominent role. A perf MORE

Running Ahead

Business / Finance / Running Ahead: The illegal practice of trading in a security for a broker's personal account before placing an order for the same security for a customer. MORE


Science / Weather / Overrunning: This occurs when a relatively warm air mass is forced above a cooler air mass of greater density. Weather generally associated with this event includes cloudiness, cool temperatures, and steady precip MORE


Business / Taxes / Frontrunning: If you trade stock or other investments because you know that an upcoming transaction by a third party is likely to affect the market price of the investment, you're frontrunning. Because frontrunning MORE

Running Back (RB)

Entertainment / Football / Running Back (RB): A player position on offense. Although the term usually refers to the halfback or tailback, fullbacks are also considered runningbacks. MORE

Running Fit

Business / Machine Shop / Running Fit: A class of fit intended for use on machinery with moderate speeds, where accurate location and minimum play are desired. MORE