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Other Words for Run

Run Noun Synonyms
type, category, class, kind, sort
Mark seems to be a bit more refined than the usual run of guest at Lisa's parties.

demand, call, request
Bouillon cubes seem to have enjoyed quite a run lately.

return, satisfaction, reward, recompense, compensation, requital, expiation, atonement, repayment, remuneration
Although the odds are never in your favor, you get a good run for your money at Diamond Lil's Gambling Emporium.

access, freedom, liberty
The children had the run of the house for a week while their parents were away.

stream, brook, runnel, creek, rill, rivulet, beck, burn, branch, kill
There is a small run at the bottom of the hill.

go, cover, pass over, sprint, race
He ran the mile in just under four minutes.

series, sequence, stream, spate, string, succession, progression
Will attributed his poor showing at the tournament to a bad run of cards.

period, spate, interval, time, spell, stretch, course, engagement, booking, patch
Roger has had a run of bad luck and could use some help. The show had a long run on Broadway.

Run Verb Synonyms
convey, transport, give (someone) a lift, drive, take, bring
Tom said he would run me home in his new car.

operate, manage, direct, supervise, oversee, conduct, superintend, control, handle, manipulate, head, carry on, lead, regulate, take care of, look after, administer, be in charge of, coordinate
She must be a terrifically high achiever to run a huge international conglomerate like that.

run away or off, flee, escape, take flight, take to one's heels, bolt, decamp, make off, clear out, show a clean pair of heels, abscond, cut and run, (beat a (hasty)) retreat, retire, make a getaway, (make a) run for it, beat it, scram, skedaddle,
The minute the enemy appeared, the entire troop ran. Cavendish ran, hoping the police wouldn't catch him.

incur, invite, encourage, attract, be subjected to
Aren't you running a risk asking Sheila to handle your money.

extend, stretch, reach, amount, add up, total up, come (up)
The balance of payments deficit is running to twice last year's figure. His bill at the restaurant last night ran to more than $200.

pass, flow, pour, stream, flood, gush, spill, dribble, spurt, issue, move, trickle, seep, discharge, cascade, spout
You can see where the rainwater has run down this crack in the roof and into the room below.

wander, rove, roam, meander, drift
Some farmers allow their animals to run free, rather than penning them up.

sprint, dash, race, jog, trot
They go for a two-mile run every morning before breakfast.

bootleg, smuggle, deal or traffic in, rustle
During Prohibition, his father ran whisky from Canada to the.

trip, journey, visit, drive, expedition, trek, outing, excursion, jaunt, junket, sojourn, spin, joyride
He has to make a run over to Paris for the weekend, supposedly on business.

flow, diffuse
The color ran when he washed his red underwear with some white shirts in very hot water.

sprint, race, scamper, scurry, scud, dart, bolt, dash, flit, tear (along), scoot, scuttle, zip, whiz or whizz, gallop, jog, trot, lope, rush, hurry (up), hasten, scramble, hustle, step lively, hop (to) it, step on it, put on some speed, hie, Collo
If you run, you might catch her before she gets on the train.

be in effect or force, be effective, have force or effect
This lease has another year to run.

unravel, come undone, ladder
My stocking ran just before I had to leave for the dance.

keep, maintain, support, sustain, manage
It is very expensive to run a large house.

route, routine, circuit, passage, trip, cycle, round, beat
I was on the Murmansk run during the war.

melt, liquefy, dissolve, fuse
It was so hot that the icing on top of the cake began to melt and run down the sides.

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