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Other Words for Rise

Rise Noun Synonyms
get up, arise, stand (up), get to one's feet, be upstanding
All rise when the judge enters the court.

start, engender, generate, begin, commence, produce, bring out, cause, bring about, bring into being
We never discovered what gave rise to Tom's dislike of dogs.

get up, arise, awaken, waken, wake up, start or begin the day, colloq hit the deck, turn out
We usually rise at about six o'clock.

Rise Verb Synonyms
start, begin, originate, arise, occur, happen, take place
I cannot explain how so much bad feeling rose between us.

advance, improve one's lot or position, progress, get ahead, go or get somewhere, succeed, make something of oneself, be promoted, prosper, thrive, make good, make it, make the grade, go places
Fielding could well have risen in the company had his attitude been different.

ascend, be elevated, arise, climb, lift, go up, mount
The smoke slowly, almost furtively, rose from the camp-fire into the still night air.

ascent, hill, hillock, knoll, eminence, prominence, elevation, upland, highland, (upward) slope or incline, acclivity, upgrade
As we climbed a slight rise, we saw the mountains gleaming in the distance.

increase, be elevated or lifted or boosted, grow, go up, move upwards, climb, escalate, ascend, snowball
When interest rates rise, they contribute to the inflation that raising them was supposed to reduce.

slant or incline or slope (upwards), ascend, climb, go uphill
The path rises steeply just beyond the cwm.

arise, be nurtured, be produced, be generated, be created, spring up, be engendered
The feelings that rose within him were spurred on by sheer hatred of the man.

increase, increment, gain, addition
In return for only a slight rise in wages, they are being asked to take on much more responsibility.

swell, flood, increase, grow, wax
Owing to the heavy rains, the river is rising rapidly.

ascent, ascension, elevation, flight, climb, take-off
The balloon's rise was suddenly halted when the basket caught in a tree.

fly, take flight, take wing, take to the air, take off, arise, lift, climb, soar, mount
At the roar of the gun, tens of thousands of flamingoes rose from the lakes.

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