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Other Words for Ring

Ring Noun Synonyms
loop, hoop, band, circle, ringlet, circlet, annulus, grommet, eyelet, quoit, noose, cincture, belt, girdle, cestus or cestos, border, halo, aureole, nimbus, corona, cuff, collar, necklace, neckband, bandeau, fillet, bracelet, armlet, torque or torc, crown
The rings brought up from the wreck of the ancient Greek trading vessel are worth a great deal.

rink, enclosure, arena, circus, bullring, Spanish plaza de toros, boxing ring
I would no sooner get into the ring with him than with a bull.

peal, chime, toll, knell, tintinnabulate, ding-dong, gong, sound, resonate, resound, echo, re-echo, reverberate, clang, jangle, tinkle, clink, jingle, ding-a-ling, ring-a-ding-ding, knoll
The bells rang out their joyous announcement of peace on earth.

telephone, ring up, phone, call, give (someone) a ring, (give (someone) a) buzz, give (someone) a tinkle, get (someone) on the blower or horn, (give (someone) a) jingle
I'll ring you when I am next in town.

encircle, surround, bind, gird, girt, circle, loop, compass, envelop, encompass, embrace
The swimming-pool is ringed with dense shrubbery. After the vase is fired, I intend to ring the base with a gold band.

Ring Verb Synonyms
(telephone or phone) call, buzz, tinkle, jingle
Don't forget to give your mother a ring on Sunday.

ringing, peal, pealing, chime, chiming, toll, tolling, tintinnabulation, knell, sounding, resonating, echo, echoing, re-echo, re-echoing, reverberation, reverberating, clang, clanging, jangle, jangling, tinkle, tinkling, clink, clinking, jingle, jingling,
I couldn't hear the ring at the door because the water was running.

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