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Other Words for Ride

Ride Noun Synonyms
drive, journey, trip, excursion, tour, jaunt, outing, expedition, spin
Let's go for a ride in the country.

Ride Verb Synonyms
sit on or in, travel or journey or go or proceed on or in, be borne or carried or conveyed (on or in), take, propel or control or drive (a horse or a bicycle or a motor cycle)
They ride the bus to work each day. The film began with a witch riding a broomstick. Do you know how to ride a motor bike? .

tyrannize, terrorize, intimidate, dominate, oppress, bully, rag, harry, harass, hector, nag, provoke, heckle, badger, plague, pester, annoy, irritate, hassle
He has been ridden by obsessive ambition all his life.

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