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Other Words for Rich

Rich Adjective Synonyms
productive, plentiful, abundant, ample, bountiful, prolific, fruitful, fertile, fecund, copious, profitable, potent
The letters proved a rich source of intimate details about their private life.

intense, dark, deep, warm, vibrant, strong, lustrous
At the rajah's court the rich colours of the carpets and hangings dazzle the eye.

costly, expensive, dear, valuable, invaluable, precious, priceless, lavish, sumptuous, lush, luxurious, palatial, elaborate, splendid, exquisite, superb, elegant
The caravans returned laden with rich treasures of the Orient - silks, jewels, spices, rare woods, other luxuries.

aromatic, ambrosial, savory, fragrant, redolent, pungent, strong
The house was filled with the rich odor of freshly made coffee.

fat, fattening, heavy, creamy, succulent, savory, mouth-watering, luscious, sapid, delicious
When Vicky complained that her sweet was too rich, Arthur ate hers, too.

mellow, mellifluous, resonant, sonorous, full
Edgar's rich basso filled the cavernous amphitheatre.

ridiculous, preposterous, outlandish, ludicrous, absurd, nonsensical
One particularly rich episode involved a chimpanzee.

laughable, funny, hilarious, comic(al), humorous, amusing, side-splitting
He had many rich anecdotes to relate about the practical jokes they used to play on one another.

Rich Noun Synonyms
valuable, precious, invaluable, priceless
For centuries the islanders have enjoyed the rich bounty of the seas. The thieves who broke into the vaults got a rich haul.

wealthy, affluent, prosperous, well-to-do, well off, well provided for, opulent, moneyed, in clover, on velvet, flush, loaded, on Easy Street, rolling in it or money or wealth, in the chips or the dough or the money, well-heeled, well-fixed
A year ago Montmorency was a rich man, but that was before Blue Thursday on the Stock Exchange.

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