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Other Words for Report

Report Noun Synonyms
arrive, appear, surface, check in, sign in, clock in or on, turn up, come in, report in
We were asked to report for duty at 0800 on Friday.

account, description, story, article, write-up, piece, statement, dispatch or despatch, communication, announcement, narrative, record, news, information
Stanley hasn't yet sent in the full report of his meeting with John. Is there any report from the front? .

publish, promulgate, publicize, put out, announce, set forth, reveal, disclose, divulge, announce, circulate, make public, broadcast
Two newspapers and a television station reported the arrest of the suspect.

Report Verb Synonyms
relate, recount, describe, narrate, tell of, detail, give an account of, write up, document
Our man in Kuala Lumpur reported a disturbance in a remote village.

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