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Other Words for Reply

Reply Adjective Synonyms
answer, response, rejoinder, retort, comeback, riposte, reaction, rise
I have written to the prime minister but as yet have had no reply.

answer, respond, rejoin, retort, return, come back, acknowledge
When I asked where he had been, he refused to reply and walked out of the room.

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Technology / Email / Reply-To: The email address that receives messages sent from users who click 'reply' in their email clients. Can differ from the 'from' address which can be an automated or unmonitored email address used only t MORE

Definable Reply-To Address

Technology / Email / Definable Reply-To Address: When you send an email and the recipient clicks 'reply,' normally the email address that the message was sent from will automatically be used. This feature allows you to specify an address other than MORE

Vacation Reply

Technology / Email / Vacation Reply: This is an email that is automatically sent out from your account whenever an email is received, to the sender of the email. This is also known as an autoresponder. Some systems allow you to set up mo MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Tangentiality: Replying to a question in an oblique or irrelevant way. Compare with circumstantiality. MORE