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Other Words for Reflection

Reflection Noun Synonyms
result, sign, token, symbol, mark, evidence, testimony, testament, proof, substantiation, corroboration
Her tears are a reflection of how she feels about having betrayed me.

Reflection Verb Synonyms
image, echo, reflexion
Sonar works by detecting the reflection of generated sound waves.

thought, thinking, meditation, meditating, consideration, cogitation, rumination, deliberation, deliberating, pondering, study, cerebration
After a moment's reflection, I arrived at the same conclusion as you had.

aspersion, imputation, effect
Any reflection on his reputation might harm his career.

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Reflection Plotter

Technology / Radar / Reflection Plotter: An attachment fitted to a ppi which provides a plotting surface permitting radar plotting without parallax errors. Any mark made on the plotting surface will be reflected on the radarscope directly be MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Reflections: Rays of light which strike a surface and bounce back again. Specular reflection occurs on even, polished surfaces: diffuse reflection occurs on uneven surfaces, when light scatters. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Catchlight: Reflection of a light source in the subjects eyes. MORE