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Other Words for Rain

Rain Noun Synonyms
flood, torrent, shower, volley, stream, outpouring
Arriving home, she could barely shield herself from the rain of children's kisses.

trickle, pour, run, fall
Tears rained down her sallow cheeks.

precipitation, drizzle, sprinkle, downpour, shower, thunder-shower, cloudburst, rainstorm, squall, deluge, sunshower
After the rain the sun came out.

descend, shower
Blows rained on him from the tiny fists of the furious child.

come down, pour, teem, sprinkle, drizzle, spit, mizzle, come down in buckets, rain cats and dogs
The weatherman said it would rain today, so take an umbrella.

Rain Verb Synonyms
bestow, lavish, shower
He rained kisses on her upturned face.

rainfall, precipitation
The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

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