Other Words for Quack

Quack Noun Synonyms: fake, fraudulent, sham, counterfeit, phony
Quack Verb Synonyms: charlatan, impostor, pretender, fake(r), fraud, phony

Other Words for Quaint

Quaint Noun Synonyms: old-fashioned, archaic, antiquated, out-dated, picturesque, antique
Quaint Adjective Synonyms: curious, odd, strange, bizarre, peculiar, unusual, queer, uncommon, singular, unorthodox, eccentric, whimsical, offbeat, fanciful, outlandish, unconventional, fantastic

Other Words for Quake

Quake Adjective Synonyms: tremble, shake, quiver, shudder, vibrate, stagger

Other Words for Qualification

Qualification Verb Synonyms: limitation, restriction, modification, reservation, caveat, condition, stipulation, proviso, prerequisite, requirement

Other Words for Qualifications

Qualifications Adjective Synonyms: fitness, ability, aptitude, capability, competence or competency, capacity, suitableness, suitability, eligibility, proficiency, skill, knowledge, know-how

Other Words for Qualified

Qualified Verb Synonyms: able, suitable, capable, competent, fit, fitted, equipped, prepared, ready, trained, proficient, accomplished, expert, talented, adept, skilful, skilled, experienced, practiced, knowledgeable, well-informed

Other Words for Qualify

Qualify Adjective Synonyms: temper, mitigate, modify, moderate, modulate, restrict, limit
Qualify Noun Synonyms: equip, fit (out), ready, prepare, condition, make eligible, certify

Other Words for Quality

Quality Verb Synonyms: property, attribute, characteristic, mark, distinction, je ne sais quoi, trait

Other Words for Qualm

Qualm Verb Synonyms: second thought, doubt, uncertainty, misgiving, hesitation, scruple, uneasiness, compunction, reluctance, disinclination, queasiness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, twinge, pang, worry, concern, funny feeling, sinking feeling

Other Words for Quandary

Quandary Noun Synonyms: dilemma, predicament, difficulty, plight, cleft stick, uncertainty

Other Words for Quantity

Quantity Noun Synonyms: amount, extent, volume, sum, number, total, weight, measure

Other Words for Quarrel

Quarrel Noun Synonyms: dispute, argument, disagreement, debate, controversy, discord, difference (of opinion), contention, misunderstanding, wrangle, tiff, row, squabble, altercation, set-to, scuffle, feud, fight, fray, fracas, brawl, Donnybrook, mele, riot

Other Words for Quarrelsome

Quarrelsome Noun Synonyms: testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, disagreeable, fractious, querulous, peevish, cross, choleric, curmudgeonly, contrary, dyspeptic, cranky, grouchy, argumentative, combative, squabbling, disputatious, hostile, antagonistic, dissentious, dissentient

Other Words for Quarry

Quarry Noun Synonyms: prey, game, prize, object
Quarry Verb Synonyms: mine, pit, excavation
Quarry Adjective Synonyms: mine, extract, obtain, get

Other Words for Quarter

Quarter Verb Synonyms: area, region, part, section, district, zone, division, territory, place, neighborhood, locality, locale, location, point, spot, direction
Quarter Noun Synonyms: fourth

Other Words for Quarterly

Quarterly Noun Synonyms: trimonthly, three-monthly

Other Words for Quarters

Quarters Noun Synonyms: living quarters, lodging(s), dwelling-place, dwelling, accommodation(s), rooms, chambers, residence, shelter, habitation, domicile, home, house, abode, billet, barracks, cantonment, casern or caserne

Other Words for Quash

Quash Verb Synonyms: annul, nullify, void, declare or render null and void, invalidate, revoke, vacate, set aside, rescind, cancel, reject, throw out, reverse, overthrow, discharge, overrule
Quash Adjective Synonyms: suppress, subdue, quell, put down, squelch, repress, overthrow, crush, overwhelm

Other Words for Quasi

Quasi Adverb Synonyms: as if, as it were, seemingly, apparently, partly, to some extent, to all intents and purposes, more or less, virtually, almost
Quasi Verb Synonyms: so to speak, kind of, sort of, pretended, fake, pseudo, so-called, supposed, artificial, mock, sham, phony

Other Words for Quaver

Quaver Adverb Synonyms: trembling, tremble, quiver, quivering, tremor, shaking, vibration, wavering, break, fluctuation, oscillation
Quaver Verb Synonyms: tremble, quiver, shake, shiver, vibrate, waver, shudder, fluctuate, oscillate, flutter

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