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Other Words for Put Aside

Put Aside Verb Synonyms
set or lay aside, ignore, disregard, pay no heed to, push aside, shrug off
They put aside their differences and discovered they had much in common. Isn't it time you put aside childish things.

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Put Option

Business / Agriculture / Put Option: An option contract to sell a futures contract at an agreed price and time at any time until the expiration of the option. A put option is purchased to protect against a fall in price. The buyer pays a MORE

Put Pants On It

Business / Finance / Put Pants On It : Used in the context of general equities. 'Elaborate on your intentions or your inquiry,' especially with respect to size, side, and price. See: Open up. MORE

Put On

Business / Finance / Put On: Used for listed equity securities. Trade, or cross, a block of stock at the designated price and quantity. See: Print. MORE

Put It On

Business / Finance / Put It On : Used for listed equity securities. 'Go to the floor to transact.' See: Print. MORE

Put Guarantee Letter

Business / Finance / Put Guarantee Letter: A bank's letter certifying that the person writing a put option has sufficient funds in an account to cover the exercise price if required. MORE

Put Price

Business / Finance / Put Price: The price at which an asset will be sold if a put option is exercised. Also called the strike or exercise price of a put option. MORE