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Other Words for Power

Power Noun Synonyms
(mechanical or electrical or atomic) energy, electricity, fuel
Yesterday there was another demonstration against the use of nuclear power.

authority, license, right, authorization, privilege, warrant, prerogative
By the power vested in me, I now declare you man and wife. It is within her power to grant a stay of execution.

strength, might, vigor, energy, force, mightiness, potency, forcefulness, brawn, muscle, puissance
His speech was delivered with great power and a certain wit. Has she the power it takes to toss the caber.

control, command, authority
The party might not be in power for very long.

energy, momentum, impetus, drive, force, inertia
The car rolled halfway up the next hill under its own power.

Power Verb Synonyms
control, dominance, authority, mastery, rule, influence, sway, command, ascendancy, sovereignty, dominion, weight, clout, pull, drag
He maintains a Svengali-like power over her. The prime minister has the power to appoint and dismiss cabinet ministers.

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