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Other Words for Positive

Positive Adjective Synonyms
sure, certain, confident, convinced, satisfied
Are you positive that the last train is at midnight.

practical, realistic, utilitarian, productive, functional, pragmatic(al), realistic, matter-of-fact, hard-nosed
They have taken a positive approach to studying the economics of small businesses.

overconfident, dogmatic, doctrinaire, pontifical, opinionated, pigheaded, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, arbitrary, overweening, arrogant, assertive, dictatorial, despotic, imperious, thetic(al)
His problem is that he is quite positive about things that simply are not so.

complete, utter, total, perfect, out-and-out, consummate, unmitigated, thorough, thoroughgoing, egregious, glaring, stark, sheer, outright, unqualified, unequivocal
You were a positive idiot not to let me know you needed help. All attempts at reconciliation ended in positive disaster.

auspicious, promising, propitious, encouraging, optimistic, favorable, cheerful, confident, bullish, upbeat
In the long run, the picture for home-owners looks positive. It pays to maintain a positive outlook and not get depressed.

encouraging, supportive, constructive, reassuring, enthusiastic, favorable, affirmative, yes, confirming
Our plan to buy out the company has received a positive reaction from our bankers. Asked if they would buy our product, businessmen gave a positive response.

Positive Verb Synonyms
definitive, emphatic, decided, forceful, firm, peremptory, definite
He gave a positive denial when asked if he had agreed to let the hostages go. She made a positive commitment to meet me here at noon.

sure, certain, definite, unequivocal, categorical, absolute, unqualified, unambiguous, unmistakable or unmistakeable, clear-cut, clear, explicit, express, decisive, indisputable, indubitable, unquestionable, unquestioned, incontestable, uncontested
The police have positive evidence that the men are innocent of any crime. Spending this evening with you has been a positive delight.

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Positive Camber

Technology / Motorcycle / Positive Camber: A Positive Camber turn is one that is banked higher on the outside of the turn than on the inside. NASCAR racetracks and Interstate highways are examples of roads that have Positive Camber. MORE

Positive Space

Life Style / Painting / Positive Space: The areas of an artwork that IS the primary subject or object. Positive Space defines the subjects outline. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Diapositive: Positive image produced on a transparent support for viewing by transmitted light, i.e. Transparency. MORE

Compensating Positive

Entertainment / Photography / Compensating Positive: Image on translucent material that can be printed together with the negative of the same image. When combined the result makes printing contrasty negatives easier. MORE

Positive Signs

Science / Astrology / Positive Signs: All air and fire signs; used to describe the outgoing, dynamic qualities characteristic of these signs. Also called masculine signs. See also Masculine signs. MORE

Positive Reinforcement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Positive Reinforcement: The process of acknowledging specific behaviors with positive feedback, such as a smile, praise or reward. MORE