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Other Words for Play

Play Adjective Synonyms
amuse oneself, frolic, frisk, cavort, gambol, caper, sport, have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself, disport (oneself), carouse
Ken's mother won't let him go out and play.

participate (in), take part (in), join (in), be occupied (in or with), engage in, contend in, take up, take part in, occupy oneself in or with, undertake
He was invited for a game of poker, but he refused to play. I understand that you play bridge.

Play Noun Synonyms
amusement, frivolity, entertainment, recreation, fun, pleasure, sport, merrymaking, revelry, tomfoolery, horseplay, skylarking, monkey business, monkey tricks or monkeyshines
The time for play is past, we must get down to serious business.

flexibility, looseness, freedom, leeway, margin, room, space, movement, motion, give
There's too much play in this gear lever.

move, maneuver, action
That last play might have won you the game.

treatment, coverage, attention
The newspapers gave Connie's new book a big play.

Play Verb Synonyms
gamble, bet, wager, stake, place, put
He played his last chip on number 14.

drama, stage play, show, piece, production, entertainment
We have tickets to a different play for every night this week.

engage, contend with, compete with or against, challenge, vie with, pit oneself against, take on, rival
The stranger played me at snooker, I lost three games out of three.

behavior, actions, deportment, conduct, demeanor
In the game of life, many have no regard for the rules of fair play. The police suspect foul play.

portray, depict, perform, act or take the role or part of, act
In the new production of Othello she plays Desdemona.

perform (upon or on), put on
Play 'Misty' for me. She plays the piccolo very well. Could you play that Caruso record.

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