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Pay Noun Synonyms
reward, benefit, recompense, requite, compensate
Thurlew has been amply paid by having his name engraved on the roll of honor.

recompense, compensate, remunerate, reward, indemnify, repay, refund, reimburse, pay off, pay out, pay up, satisfy, clear, remit, discharge, liquidate, settle, honor, meet
Do you think that nurses are poorly paid? You have 30 days to pay this invoice.

Pay Verb Synonyms
produce or make or generate or earn money, yield a return, pay off
His vending-machine business certainly pays well.

extend, bestow, transmit, pass on, give, deliver
Please pay my respects to your wife.

pay back, repay, retaliate, settle (accounts) (with), even the score or a score, reciprocate, requite, take or get revenge on, avenge oneself for or on, treat in kind, hit or strike or get back (at), settle or pay off or even a score or the score (with)
If I catch him, I'll pay him for turning informer.

benefit, profit, avail, (turn out to) be or prove profitable or worthwhile, yield a return, be advantageous, produce results, pay off
It no longer pays to complain about the service in the shops. Honesty pays.

payment, compensation, recompense, settlement, return, remuneration, consideration, reward, money, wages, salary, fee, honorarium, remittance, stipend, income, takings, take-home (pay), gain, profit
His sole pay for painting the kitchen was a big hug and a kiss. The work is tedious, but the pay isn't bad.

suffer (the consequences), answer (for), make amends (for), atone (for), get one's (just) deserts, undergo punishment (for), be punished (for)
If I catch him, I'll make him pay. Society requires that he pay for his crime.

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