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Origin Noun Synonyms
source, derivation, rise, fountain-head, foundation, basis, base, well-spring, fount, provenance, provenience
The origins of many English words are unknown.

creation, genesis, birth, birthplace, cradle, dawning, dawn, origination, start, beginning, commencement, outset, launch, launching, inception, inauguration
The origin of the notion of democracy can be traced to ancient Greece.

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Base / Rise / Dawn / Birth / Start

Original Sin

Entertainment / Literature / Original Sin: A theological doctrine arguing that all humans at the moment of conception inherit collective responsibility and guilt for the sins of Adam and Eve along with an innate tendency towards evil. The idea MORE

National Origin

Business / Human Resources (HR) / National Origin: The country--including those that no longer exist--of one's birth or of one's ancestors' birth. 'National origin' and 'ethnicity' often are used interchangeably, although 'ethnic group' can refer to r MORE

Note (Original Note)

Business / Real Estate / Note (Original Note): A document signed by the borrower of a loan and stating the loan amount, the interest rate, the time and method of repayment and the obligation to repay. The note serves as evidence of the debt. When MORE

Original Book Of Entry

Business / Accounting / Original Book Of Entry: A book which contains the details of the day to day transactions of a business (see Journal ). MORE

Mortgage Origination Fee

Business / Construction / Mortgage Origination Fee: A charge for work involved in preparing and servicing a mortgage application (usually one percent of the loan amount). MORE

Original Basis

Business / Real Estate / Original Basis: The sum of the purchase price of a property plus buying expenses on acquisition. MORE