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Other Words for Number

Number Adjective Synonyms
numeral, integer, figure, digit
The columns of numbers were entered in a neat hand.

Number Noun Synonyms
issue, edition, copy
The fourth number of the quarterly is published at the end of the year.

count, enumerate, compute, calculate, tally, figure (up), add (up), include, total, tot (up), reckon, sum (up)
Who can number the stars.

Number Verb Synonyms
few, handful, crowd, slew, gang, bunch, party, bevy, covey, troop, company, platoon, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, host, army, mass, hundred, thousand, million, billion, several, many, numbers, legions, slew(s) or slue(s), loads
A number of people attended the meeting. An enormous number of viruses could fit on the head of a pin.

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