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Other Words for Need

Need Noun Synonyms
necessity, requirement, call, demand, constraint
There's no need to shout - I can hear you. There is a need to keep this matter confidential. This facility will meet our electricity needs for decades.

require, demand, want, be in want of, call for, have need of or for, lack, miss, have occasion for
This room needs a coat of paint. Although she may want more money, she doesn't need it. Do you need anything to make you more comfortable.

distress, difficulty, trouble, (dire or desperate) straits, stress, emergency, exigency, extremity, neediness, needfulness, poverty, penury, impecuniousness, destitution, privation, deprivation, indigence, beggary
She was very supportive in his hour of need. The need of the people in that district is heart-rending.

want, lack, dearth, shortage, paucity, scarcity, insufficiency, desideratum
The need for medical supplies was most sharply felt in areas that were already ravaged by famine.

Need Verb Synonyms
essential, necessary, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, basic, fundamental, sine qua non, necessary, desideratum
I am perfectly capable of taking care of my family's needs.

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