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Other Words for Natural

Natural Adjective Synonyms
consistent, consonant, consequent, logical, reasonable, fitting, appropriate, proper, expected, not incongruous, understandable
In the circumstances, it would have been natural for her to despise Jonathan.

genius, artist, talent
When it comes to chess, Boris is a natural.

ordinary, common, commonplace, normal, standard, regular,ual, customary, unexceptional, routine, habitual, typical, everyday, reasonable, logical, reasonable, sensible, accepted
They say that Count Dracula could not die a natural death. The natural thing to do in case of attack is to defend oneself.

organic, organically grown, non-chemical, health
They eat only natural foods, which they grow themselves.

unstudied, unconstrained, candid, frank, spontaneous, unaffected, easy, honest, straight, straightforward, artless, guileless, impulsive, unpremeditated, unaffected, ingenuous, unsophisticated, unsophistic(al)
His kindness is quite natural.

simple, basic, fundamental, real, unartificial, genuine, unembellished, unadorned, unpretentious
She has great natural beauty and needs no cosmetics.

illegitimate, bastard
He was the duke's natural son and had no claim on the estate.

lifelike, true to life, realistic
Note the natural colours of the sea in this painting by Whistler.

true, real, genuine, actual, authentic, bona fide
That, believe it or not, is his natural hair.

See native, 1, above
She has a natural gift for painting.

Archaic idiot, imbecile, simpleton, fool, halfwit
One would have to be a natural to give money to that crook.

Natural Noun Synonyms
normal, ordinary, regular, expected, spontaneous
The natural motion of the waves carried the bottle out to sea.

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