Other Words for Nab

Nab Adjective Synonyms: catch, capture, arrest, put or place under arrest, seize, apprehend, pick up, bring in, take into custody, pinch, collar, run in, nail, nick

Other Words for Nag

Nag Verb Synonyms: scold, harpy, pest, shrew, virago, termagant, fishwife

Other Words for Nag At

Nag At Noun Synonyms: annoy, irritate, irk, pester, criticize, ride, scold, carp (at), upbraid, badger, harass, harry, vex, henpeck, torment, hector, pick at, goad, pick on, find fault with, berate, nettle, bully, provoke, plague, worry, bother, chivvy

Other Words for Nagging

Nagging Noun Synonyms: distressing, chronic, continuous, continual, persistent, unrelenting, relentless, recurring

Other Words for Nail

Nail Noun Synonyms: fastener, fastening, spike, pin
Nail Adjective Synonyms: fingernail, toenail, claw, talon

Other Words for Nail Down

Nail Down Verb Synonyms: settle, secure, resolve, complete, conclude, make final, finalize

Other Words for Nail Ones Nails

Nail Ones Nails Noun Synonyms: worry, agonize, fret, lose sleep (over), chafe, suffer, stew (over or about)

Other Words for Naive

Naive Verb Synonyms: naive, ingenuous, innocent, credulous, childlike, born yesterday, unaffected, unsophisticated, inexperienced, green, unworldly, unsuspecting, unenlightened, unsuspicious, trusting, trustful, gullible, artless, guileless, simple, simplistic, simple

Other Words for Naivety

Naivety Verb Synonyms: naivety, naivet� or naivet�, ingenuousness, innocence, credulity, credulousness, inexperience, (blind) trust, gullibility, artlessness, callowness, guilelessness, simplicity, unpretentiousness, candour, naturalness, frankness, openness, sincerity

Other Words for Naked

Naked Noun Synonyms: unaided, unassisted
Naked Adjective Synonyms: stark naked, unclothed, undraped, bare, exposed, stripped, undressed, unclad, uncovered, bared, nude, in the nude, in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, in the buff, in the raw, au naturel, in a state of nature, starkers, in the nuddy

Other Words for Name

Name Noun Synonyms: personage, somebody, celebrity, star, superstar, hero, VIP, dignitary, luminary, big shot, bigwig, big cheese, big name
Name Adjective Synonyms: designation, label, appellation, term, tag, style, moniker or monicker, handle

Other Words for Name Names

Name Names Noun Synonyms: identify, specify, mention, cite

Other Words for Nameless

Nameless Verb Synonyms: unnamed, innominate, unidentified, anonymous, pseudonymous, incognito, unknown, unheard-of, unsung

Other Words for Namely

Namely Adjective Synonyms: specifically, to wit, that is (to say), id est, i.e., videlicet, viz., scilicet, sc., for example, for instance, exempli gratia

Other Words for Nap

Nap Adverb Synonyms: pile, fibre, texture, weave, down, shag
Nap Verb Synonyms: doze, catnap, siesta, forty winks, shut-eye, snooze, zizz, lie-down
Nap Adjective Synonyms: doze, nod (off), catnap, catch forty winks, drop off (to sleep), get some shut-eye, snooze, zizz, catch or log a few zees (Z's)

Other Words for Napping

Napping Adverb Synonyms: unawares, off guard, unexpectedly, in an unguarded moment

Other Words for Narcotic

Narcotic Noun Synonyms: soporific, stuporific, hypnotic, sedative, somnolent, sleep-inducing, opiate, dulling, numbing, anaesthetic, stupefacient, stupefying, stupefactive, tranquillizing

Other Words for Narrate

Narrate Adjective Synonyms: relate, tell, recount, report, give an account (of), recite, rehearse, repeat, review, unfold, chronicle, describe, detail, reveal, retail

Other Words for Narration

Narration Verb Synonyms: reading, voice-over
Narration Noun Synonyms: telling, relating, unfolding, recounting, chronicling, recording, describing, report, recital, recitation, rehearsal, relation, chronicle, description, portrayal, detailing, revelation, story, tale, narrative

Other Words for Narrative

Narrative Noun Synonyms: story, tale, chronicle, description, revelation, portrayal, account, report, record, history, recital, statement

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